Citi Bike

The First 100 Days

A look back on New York City’s first-ever bicycle share program

The Bike

What makes Citi Bike bicycles unique?

Meet the Bike

The bike’s design blends a unique combination of wireless and green technologies for getting around the city safely and efficiently.

Unique Features

The bike’s designer opted for a bag rack over a traditional basket because of a basket’s tendency to fill with garbage.

A GPS and RFID unit records data for every trip. A portion of the data is published on Citi Bike's website.

A hub-enclosed capacitor stores power generated while the bicycle is in motion.

What inspired the bike’s look-and-feel?

“I tried to make it very elegant. The frame is a boomerang [which] gives the bike a visual … and effective sturdiness.”

—Michel Dallaire, Citi Bike bicycle designer

How does Citi Bike compare to bike share programs worldwide?




How much ground is covered by Citi Bike?

Most Active Stations

Most Popular Neighborhoods

Stations Footprint

Manhattan to Brooklyn Stations

Stations Launched to those Planned

The Ride

How far and wide did Citi Bike members ride?

Total Trips

Total Trips Compared

Daily Trips Compared

Total Trips

How often did they ride?

Daily Trips and Rainfall

Did they ride less when it rained?

How long was the average ride?

Average Trip Duration by Day

Average Trip Duration

How far did they ride?

Total Distance Travelled

Trips Across America

Trips Around the World

Trips to the Moon

The Program

What’s at stake in Citi Bike’s success or failure?

Who holds a stake?

The Stakeholders

Sponsorship Amount

Amount by Sponsor

What's been invested?

Equipment Costs

How many memberships and passes were sold?

Daily Sales

How much has Citi Bike earned since launch?